Artist Statement
To transport, to lift, to transform, is why I make art.  I seek poetry…magic…to distill the essence. Paintings develop according to sensing and moods. I’m never sure what will happen, some days are just good painting days. My work is not planned, it evolves.
Lively surfaces… gestural brushwork. Singing and dancing help. Paintings begin in memory and become real as they develop. Certain places haunt me, I try to recreate the feeling in paint. If I don’t remember something, it is not important and so I reject working from photos, they just tighten me up. I try not to think much. Only much later do I study my results.  Some days I wipe out everything I have worked on all day. Some days only a touch of red is needed. Color is seductive. It has emotive power… speaks unconsciously.  Drama, energy, libido, they all come to play together. Some days the party is better.
Thank You for looking.
                                                                        Carol Anna Meese